PYDANE Bearing 165-170

Bague de glissement PYDANE 165-170
  • Bague de glissement PYDANE 165-170
  • Bague de glissement PYDANE 165-170
  • Bague de glissement PYDANE 165-170
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170 mm 165 mm
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PYDANE Bearing Internal diameter: 165 mm, External diameter: 170 mm, Thickness: 2.5 mm, composed of a support in INOX 316 TI covered with a metal fabric and PTFE with low coefficient of friction are available in different dimensions, standard and custom-made.

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PI 165-170-30 100 €120.81
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PI 165-170-30 500 €96.45
PI 165-170-30

Data sheet

30 mm
344.4 g
Internal diameter
165 mm
External diameter
170 mm
2.5 mm
High performance



CBP ensures the continuation of the PYDANE (R) range which formerly belonged to the SKF catalogue. PYDANE products are always composed of a 316 TI Stainless Steel backing covered with a metal / PTFE fabric. Originally, this unique design was engineered by SKF. Soon, CBP started to produce PYDANE parts for SKF (as OEM) and continued to do so during more than 20 years. In 2007, CBP overtook the PYDANE sales and is now the sole owner of the PYDANE brand. The self-lubricating structure of the metal/PTFE layer, welded on the Stainless Steel backing, offers a good sliding coefficient and gives the product a strong resistance even in highly corrosive environments. PYDANE can also endure very heavy charges. A unique PYDANE ® range with first class quality materials : PTFE - STAINLESS STEEL with Titanium - COPPER - TIN – EPOXY, aimed for various implementations in heterogeneous and corrosive environments like chemical, maritime, oil, agri-food… and offering :

Fabric coating made of PTFE/Epoxy composite and consolidated with metallic wires.
Sliding surface's thickness of 0,35 mm (0,014 “) ensures the absorption of the scratchy particles.

Very efficient sliding
The PTFE increases the sliding efficiency corresponding to a very low coefficient of friction.

Strong coating grip
The welding technique to optimize the grip between the sliding surface and the stainless steel offers to the PYDANE ® an incomparable product quality.

Resistance to high loads
Thanks to the Titanium included in the 316 TI Stainless Steel, the PYDANE ® reaches a capacity of
300 daN/cm2 which allows the toughest implementations.

Resistance to high temperatures
Large use range : from -150°C to + 150°C.

Anticorrosion property
Given by the choice of a Stainless Steel backing.

Maintenance free
Thanks to the self lubricating properties of the PTFE, the
joints integrating these pieces don’t need any maintenance.

Easy installation
Made from bands produced by meter, the PYDANE ®
can be used either flat, as sliding plates, or after being rolled
as bearings or bushings (up to above 1 meter diameter).